Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Home School

It occurred to me that it might be of some interest to others what our school room looks like.  Although we "do school", ie- live life and learn, all over the world, which includes all areas of the house, this is our main working area.  The play room is just around the corner, making it nice for the smaller girls to wander off, but still be within earshot.

A sign I couldn't resist getting

Our main classroom

The girls exercising their right to sit somewhere other than a desk

Our arts and crafts area (also the laundry room)

Tater Tot helped me "build" the shelves using packing boxes and tape

That's pretty much it.  It basically waxes and wanes through cycles of cleanliness and chaos...pretty much like the rest of my house.  :-)

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  1. I love it, I wish we had the room to have a classroom..... Looks wonderful and the girls look so happy!!!