Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roller Skating

I took the girls roller skating for the first time last year.  They both enjoyed it a lot, so they each received roller skates for Christmas.  Interestingly, Tater Tot went on the flight with her brother the same day she went roller skating and was more excited about the skating than the flying.  I thought that was a definite reflection of age!  In any case, we've been to the local skating rink a couple of times now and Tater Tot got the hang of it quite quickly.  Boo Bear is doing really well for how young she is, too, but loses interest in it faster than her sister.





Young Eagles

Okay, so technically Bubby isn't homeschooled, but I'm still very proud of his accomplishments and would be remiss if I didn't include his achievements, as well.  When we moved to our current state, I learned that the local airport offered free monthly classes that cover a variety of flight-related topics.  For each of these classes attended, Bubby receives a stipend toward the cost of a training flight.  Bubby has done his first flight, which Tater Tot and I accompanied him on, and his solo (with instructor) flight, thus far.  The end result is that he could feasibly be flying a plane by himself in a couple short years!  It's very exciting for him, though his real flight interest lies in helicopters.


There's our house!