Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We had a quick unit on fire, where we discussed good and bad aspects of fire, primary components of fire, and fire safety.  Tater Tot was excited to do a fire drill, getting low and staying low, to avoid smoke.  and Boo Bear enjoyed practicing STOP, DROP and ROLL.

 Fire Safety Board

Home Fire Escape Plan


Only one of the many library books we looked at.  Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take pictures this time before returning them to the library.

Boo Bear's fire engine

Boo Bear's building on fire


After watching a Bill Nye Safety Smart video on fire safety, we discussed the three components (fire triangle) of a fire:
  1. heat
  2. fuel
  3. oxygen
Fire is a chemical reaction.  If you take away any of these aspects, a fire can not survive.  

So, to stop a fire, you suffocate it (takes away oxygen), douse it (takes away heat), or spread it (takes away fuel).

We also discussed that fuel is always a gas at the time it burns, regardless of what state it begins (gas, liquid or solid).

We also discussed the basic differences between the following:

  • conduction - heating of an object that is then used to heat something else
  • radiation - heat rays (like with a heat lamp)
  • convection - rising hot air

A few of the links we used:

Natural Horsemanship Lessons

The bigger girls began taking natural horsemanship lessons last Fall with Michelle Rasmussen from Morning Star Stables.  She is patient and good with the girls and is in-tune with the horses.  The girls enjoyed their lessons (Yay!  Horses and cats!) and we plan to resume them when the weather gets warm again (if it ever does)!